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Debt Capital Financing

For developing businesses, assets and operating income may be leveraged against to finance growth opportunities.

Debt capital may minimize or avoid the dilutive effect of selling precious company equity. These funds can be used as working capital or to pursue organic growth, acquisitions, share repurchasing, and other business opportunities. The actual structure of the financing may be in the form of a term loan, flexible credit facility, equipment lease, property financing or other creative structure.

Our Debt Capital Financing Group works diligently to understand client requirements, considerations and expectations.

We combine specific industry expertise; relations with banks, commercial lenders and alternative debt providers; and proficiency with the debt financing process and market.

Our specialized expertise in particular industry verticals allow us to estimate value as perceived by lenders. This provides our clients early visibility and saves the time and cost of pursuing an incompatible lender.

We effectively structure a process by which select lenders provide competing proposals in pursuit of servicing our client.

We manage the entire process, provide proprietary lender proposals and guarantee results for our clients.

We invite you to learn more about how our Debt Financing Group can help your business grow. Please reach Samir Sharma at (415) 948-6272 or send an email to samir.sharma@uscvg.com.

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