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   Our Approach
Our Approach

U.S. Corporate Ventures Group pursues underserved opportunities with a long term approach, global resources and capabilities. Our business principles below are the foundation by which we operate our business.

1. Commit Long Term to Clients
We commit to a select group of well-positioned clients as long term partners and seek a stakeholder position. To be in such a position, we often invest a great deal of time and/or capital in our clients. Our ultimate goal is to develop clients into multi-national industry leaders.

2. Provide Unique and Compelling Global Strategic Resources
Our direct and indirect relationships with most of the largest global corporate planning and investment groups and global venture capital firms enable Clients to benefit from a unique set of strategic investment partners, financers, and acquirers. We source buyers and sellers on a global basis.

3. Resolve Complex Transactions
We pursue complex cross and multi-border transactions where the depth of our capabilities is clear. We are adept and see opportunity within emerging markets, between distant geographies and where cultural barriers are perceived to exist.

4. Connect Emerging Market Opportunities with Distant, Valuable Resources
Our specialty is identifying and securing emerging opportunities in underserved markets, then connecting them with global corporate and other strategic venture partners. Some of the markets where we currently see opportunity are China, Australia, Korea, Mongolia, and even the United States in the short term (given the relatively low value of the dollar). We continue to explore other large emerging markets such as India and Russia.

5. Align Our Interests with that of the Client
We pursue and develop an alignment of interest with that of our clients. Typically, this means acquiring or earning an equity share in its company. Ultimately, this builds client trust, reinforces our confidence in management and ourselves, and aligns our view with that of a stakeholder, rather than one merely pursuing fees.

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