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Michael C. Seidler
Chairman and CEO

Mr. Seidler manages U.S. Corporate Ventures Group and advises a broad list of clients in China, Japan, Western Europe and the United States on global planning, accessing corporate and venture capital and partnering with strategic resources.

Prior to founding U.S. Corporate Ventures Group, Inc., Mr. Seidler led strategic planning initiatives and managed the global investment portfolio for The Interpublic Group of Companies, Inc., one of the largest organizations of advertising and marketing services companies. In this role, he advised the Chairman/CEO on strategy for China, Hong Kong and Japan. He also oversaw over $150 million of investments in 15 global public and private equity companies and $40 million of commitments to venture funds. Mr. Seidler served on the Investment Committe of the AIG Capital Global Sports and Entertainment Fund and as Director of Boathouse Limited, a portfolio of technology investments in Asia.

Prior to Interpublic, Mr. Seidler held positions at Goldman Sachs as well as America Online and CompuServe, where he advised Clients on global Internet strategies.

Mr. Seidler earned his MBA from Columbia Business School and his BA from the University of Colorado at Boulder. As an exchange student, he attended London Business School and Tel Aviv University. He now participates in Executive Education courses at Harvard Business School.

Mr. Seidler is Chairman of the Corporate Strategic Investors Networking Group and a frequent speaker on the topics of corporate strategic investing and strategic planning in China.

Mr. Seidler is an avid supporter of community service, serving as Director of non-profit organizations and is a leading participant of the Columbia Business School Alumni Council on Philanthropy and Community Service.

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